Monday, July 13, 2009

View from the Swamp

What a change after a month of rain, to have a few days of sunshine. The swamp is GREEN...and red, the ferns along the edge are about waist high, the grassy clumps throughout the swamp are a gorgeous shade of green, lily pads cover the water's surface except for a few lanes criss-crossing.

Seen and heard: a disgruntled Great Blue Heron, disturbed him twice, quite a racket as he flew away from me. The heron rookery is now empty, wish I had made it down last week.
Belted Kingfisher ~ two of them
Cedar Waxwing~ almost too close to me to use binoculars!
Ducks~ that shall remain nameless as they were too far down the other end for me to identify
Something I haven't been able to identify yet, a flycatcher or phoebe or vireo??~someday I'll get a camera (waterproof) and post a picture. No matter how many field guides I look through, this one baffles me.
Beaver~ just one today.
Cat Bird~ wing fluttering on the other side of an uprooted tree from me, he didn't make a peep, just the noise of his wings
Heard but not seen: Wood Thrush
Various warblers
Whoever says "wichity wichity wichity wich"

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  1. Very nice post. I've heard that witchy one too...but have a long wasy to go learning bird songs!