Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ten Months

Hard to believe it has been ten months already.  It was a very hard week.  Grandpa and the BabyMomma were very brave in deciding we should go to the Boston Flower Show this year.  The Flower Show had been a big outing for Amber, celebrating the promise of Spring and getting her OUT of the house and not to a doctor appointment!  I was a chicken and didn't want to go, thinking it would be too emotional, but we went continuing the tradition with Charlie.  It was so very crowded on a Friday so that helped keeping emotions in check.  There were a few exhibits that just had Amber's stamp all over them, memories from last year especially.  We talked about her a lot, mostly with smiles on our faces, remembering how much she loved being there.

 One of the exhibits is "Plant Something" which is a nationwide event to motivate people to plant something!!  You get a mystery seed planted in a little cup and register it online to find out what you get.  On May 15th, you plant it outside...or wait till Memorial Day.  May 15th also happens to be MPS Awareness Day!!  We wear purple to spread awareness for the family of diseases of which ML-II is a part.  Last year Amber planted a tomato.  Charlie must have been sleeping or eating, because he didn't plant anything.  The babyMomma was hoping Charlie would get to plant a tomato this year.  When we registered our seed, we found he planted a dwarf Sweet Pea!!!  I think that is just so neat because Amber was very tiny, (wearing 9 months clothing at 3 years 8 months old) and we called her Sweet Pea ....  or Peanut.