Thursday, April 23, 2009

All is Not Lost!

Hooray for scan discs! Pictures were saved, camera - doubtful. Click on the Heron picture above if you can't see the heron.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Haven't been to the swamp in almost 3 weeks! Amazing hour, the Canada Goose pair have established their nest on the rock (maybe this is the year for chicks), watched a beaver swim away to the far end of the swamp while a Great Blue Heron flew to my end. I was watching the heron and trying to manage some digibin shots when I heard a splash behind me. I ignored it at first and then thought, a giant snapping turtle could be climbing up on my log behind me!!! So, I turned hoping the heron wouldn't startle and leave and nearly fell off my log - the beaver was 12 feet away from me noisily chewing on a stick. Snapped a few pictures, sent a pic message with my phone, turned to see if the heron was still there and the beaver left. Watched him swim out of site. Decided to advance down my log to check the heron nests at the far end of the swamp. Big mistake, ....I forgot to put my camera in my pocket...right out of my hand into the swamp! Bubbles as it sank....could barely see it but managed to fish it out with a long stick. Very sad end to a fantastic morning!!! I guess it is VERY GOOD that I don't have an amazing camera after all!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Can You See What I See?"

I became a puzzle fanatic this winter and LOVE the "Can You See What I See?" series by Walter Wick. I love the challenge of finding what might be hidden in the big picture. I've changed my heading picture (so tired of snow) to show a glimpse of the far end of the swamp. There are two Great Blue Heron nests in the picture, one has one adult sitting in the nest, and the other has two adults standing. I know, I need a better camera.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Spring has arrived. I thought the ice would never leave the swamp (pond?) but it finally did just barely two weeks ago. On Tuesday I ventured down the hill to my spotting log, a few ducks- mallard pair, wood ducks, hooded merganzer pair, tree swallows, Eastern Blue Birds, woodpeckers, a territorial Canada Goose pair, three Great Blue Herons. Apart from the bird noise it was fairly quiet. This morning I headed down, and the PEEPERS are singing their song! By afternoon I could hear them all the way up to the house!! The turtles were sunbathing on anything sticking above the water. Three herons standing guard in their nests. Saw the Canada Goose pair swimming but the past two years they have made a nest on a large rock and no one's taken up residence there yet. The beaver lodge has grown massive after seemingly no change for the past three or four years! I was about to leave - standing still is tiresome after two hours - I did one last scan for otter and just caught a glimpse of a beaver as he dove under the lodge. Wish I had a better camera.