Friday, February 20, 2015


It has been snowing endlessly, or so it seems, for three weeks now?  My brother had triple bypass surgery, my sister has headed to a much needed vacation for two months, another brother is working nonstop as head of operations for a major ski resort, leaving one brother remaining who will come down and stay Friday/Saturday nights at my moms.  Last weekend he was unable to and so I spent two weeks at my moms.  It shouldn't be difficult but I feel overwhelmed with all the snow, and horrendous ice dams building up on her roof.....which began to leak water into both sides of her kitchen....add a flu outbreak at my dads nursing home, limiting visits, knowing his hair and nails are growing unattended, .....  a daughter suffering from the loss of her son....anniversary looming, tortured by memories, needing transportation and support as her husband is working a new job and out of the home most days from 6 am to 10 over my my poor holly.  April can't get here soon enough.