Thursday, February 27, 2014

I've Lost February!

I'm a bit shocked to see I haven't posted anything since mid-January.  It's been a busy time of helping the babyMomma adjust to a young puppy in her home.  Accidents are getting fewer and fewer as we get this little one on a schedule.

It was a busy early February helping the babyMomma and Grampy get ready for travels.  Grampy headed out for a week in Vermont and then ten days overseas.  The first week he was gone, I was mostly ok.  It was short, the babyMomma was off to NYC to study for 9 days at the American Ballet Theatre Company.  What a grueling, stretching, incredible learning experience for her.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally tough 9 days.  Her mother-in-law came up to take care of puppy, Charlie, and the babyDaddy.  I spent a week working on quilting therapy, covering for my sister's job while she was away for the month, trying to visit my folks.  This quilt top needed a few spots taken out and redone.  Now it will wait for some batting and backing and quilting inspiration, then a binding and some tabs ..... and a hanger for a spot high on my living room wall.

 The last three days the babyMomma was away, I lived at her house taking care of puppy and Charlie.  What an exhausting and busy experience that was!  No wonder there are days I find that she hasn't had a complete cup of coffee or even eaten!  By Sunday it was getting better and I've been over there to help while she transitions back to home.  Very lonely existence.  Being a special needs parent can be so isolating.  Because her babies are medically fragile, people just stay away.  Winter time especially!  So, her only getting out of the house is grocery shopping with hubby and Charlie, if Charlie is healthy enough, and then her ballet teaching on Thursdays.

It's been a very emotional February.  Nine months without Amber and I am still finding it so hard to breathe.  On a more positive note, January gave me a Bobcat sighting, and February a Red Tailed Hawk.  The picture is not great as it was snowing and I was shooting from inside the house.
The babyMomma's mother-in-law spotted it from across the street.  Much larger than the Sharpie I've seen catching birds from my bird feeder in years past.  I have about 75 picutres.....none of them very clear.  The joy of digital instead of film!   
 Hubby and I did get out on snow shoes one rare day he was home and it wasn't snowing!  The shot above and below are taken from the rock looking back at my viewing spot!  You can't see our house through the trees, but our neighbor's house is visible.  The pine tree in the shot below is right where my viewing log is.  I often lean on the pine tree for balance.

 Underneath one of the Great Blue Heron nests.  There are only two left now.  These foot prints were in a single track that we found frequently throughout our trek around the swamp.  I know, I should have a dollar bill with me when shooting track shots.  The single track looked like a drag, almost like a single ski.  I am stumped!!  Hopefully, we'll get back down there.  No deer runs through our back yard where they usually are.  We did find them at the north end of the swamp.  We also discovered our town had purchased some acreage that abuts us and is now Conservation Land.