Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Haven't been to the swamp in almost 3 weeks! Amazing hour, the Canada Goose pair have established their nest on the rock (maybe this is the year for chicks), watched a beaver swim away to the far end of the swamp while a Great Blue Heron flew to my end. I was watching the heron and trying to manage some digibin shots when I heard a splash behind me. I ignored it at first and then thought, a giant snapping turtle could be climbing up on my log behind me!!! So, I turned hoping the heron wouldn't startle and leave and nearly fell off my log - the beaver was 12 feet away from me noisily chewing on a stick. Snapped a few pictures, sent a pic message with my phone, turned to see if the heron was still there and the beaver left. Watched him swim out of site. Decided to advance down my log to check the heron nests at the far end of the swamp. Big mistake, ....I forgot to put my camera in my pocket...right out of my hand into the swamp! Bubbles as it sank....could barely see it but managed to fish it out with a long stick. Very sad end to a fantastic morning!!! I guess it is VERY GOOD that I don't have an amazing camera after all!!!


  1. Oh no.Maybe this will be the reason you need for a new camera.At least you still have the memories of your time there.