Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perfect Summer Day

Well, not THAT kind of summer day, but a mom-daughter shopping afternoon to reward us for a morning doctor appointment, with a side-trip to Labor and Delivery thrown in (45 minutes on the monitor) and a tray of hospital food for good measure. Mom and baby are fine, picked up some items for the nursery and "gramma" indulged, gave in to her lifelong weakness ~another coffee cup (two to be precise)...or ice cream, perfect for a brownie sundae!!...ok, even soup if you must...yogurt and granola with blueberries!...


  1. I just figured out who you are!!! Yesterday I started "connecting all the dots" w/ some help from my family & when we were done, there you were!... & who knew your husband could be so romantic (according to your previous post :)

    So glad you got two of those cups. All those things you mentioned - coffee,ice cream, etc. - are even more enjoyable when shared w/ a friend...

    Your friend (who knew?!), MyStory

  2. You found me! too funny...was it the link to baby makes three? I knew that would be a dead give away but I thought she'd appreciate it.

  3. Yes - "baby makes three" was when it all really came together! I had you pictured in my mind as someone totally different...not sure what/who - but not you :)