Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm not sure how this found it's way into my library, a yard sale at a Bible Conference Grouds? It is an exposition on consecration by Frances Ridley Havergal, using her hymn "Take My Life and Let It Be" but substituting kept for take. My pastor often reminds us in his sermons of keeping as guarding, safe-guarding and it is this definition that she uses. I am not through the book yet, each chapter takes a couplet of the hymn, it is my just before bed reading if I have not fallen asleep reading my before bed reading :}
The Lord Jesus does take the life that is offered to Him, and He does keep the life for Himself that is intrusted to Him; but until the life is offered we cannot know the taking, and until the life is intrusted we cannot know or understand the keeping....not for my safety, but for His glory; not for my comfort, but for His joy...Kept for Him, that in me He may show forth some tiny sparkle of His light and beauty...


  1. Hmmm - we seem to be thinking somewhat along the same lines this morning.Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

    on another note...that is neat! - what you did w/ your Library Thing :)

  2. This passage took me back into a piece of my own journey. I used to feel so repulsed by the idea of letting God determine the paths my life will take. I thought He might not choose for me what I would prefer. Now, I can't imagine having to determine a will for my life through the limitations of my human imagination. He has much better ideas for us, doesn't He?