Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Intimidator

What a crazy evening at the bird feeder! The "baby" Red Bellied Woodpecker has finally figured out the bird feeder. He clings unsupervised by mom or dad and stays, occasionally taking some seed, but STAYS on the feeder, much to the dismay of the Grackles!! What is most surprising to me, is that the Grackles - who chase everyone away from the feeder, fly to the feeder then veer off and just wait in nearby branches!!!

The Grackles finally leave the feeders around seven, and from 7 on what a show - bright red Cardinal, giddy yellow American Goldfinch, and the striking Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and underneath, two young Cardinals and two young Grosbeak ground feeding. Definitely need to save for a feeder cam.


  1. Yes - I agree that you should save for that feeder cam but for selfish reasons. How fun that would be to see :)

  2. What fun. I love to see the baby birds learn to do what they gotta do.