Saturday, October 29, 2011


Typical toddler in her own way!  My sweet grandbaby has discovered rolling as a way to travel across the living room floor.....especially when something looks interesting.  She can move fast when properly motivated, and "helping" grammy cut fabric for a new quilt block seemed like just the thing.  No sooner would I put her back on the far side of her blanket then I would find her on my cutting mat!!
 This is the finished block that I began with my grandbaby's help.  I was thrilled to actually get the owls all facing the same direction!  I'm thinking this might find it's way into a little something for her baby brother.

Not our typical October landscape....

These were taken Friday morning and as I write this Saturday evening, we have about a foot of snow and it's still snowing....the power went out but thankfully we have a generator running so there is heat, a few lights, and the baby's medical equipment will be ok for the night.  Sadly, no running water but we're campers so we can deal with that for a little bit.  December 2008 we had a horrific icestorm leaving us without power for two weeks.  I've never experienced battle or sounds of mortar fire, but laying in the dark listening to trees fall for hours and into the next day is not something I ever want to hear again.  Looking out, the tree limbs are bent low as they are loaded with leaves still.  I wonder what things will look like tomorrow?

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  1. The little one is so cute. It is good to hear that she is doing well. I live so much farther north and we still have no snow.