Thursday, October 13, 2011

Green Gives Way to Red

A walk down the hill to the swamp begins with an amazing fungus, partially hidden.

Looking to the right of my path, it's as though someone spilled a bucket full of these white fungi.

I encountered one more in the middle of my path.  A pristine dinner plate!                                                                             

As the hill flattens out, the path leads me beneath a canopied arch.

A small cluster of oak leaves growing at the base of the stone wall.

The views across the swamp.  Just gorgeous!!!  It was a beautiful October-blue sky, but it was high noon so all washed out with the bright sunshine.  Hooded Mergansers were back joining the Wood Ducks and Mallards.  I don't think I've ever heard anyone duck hunting back here, so perhaps they're safe.


  1. Gorgeous.Those fungi are huge and that dinner plate one is very pretty. I love the red oak leaves.Where I live the oaks turn brown,instead of red.

  2. So pretty. So serene. So neat how you see new things each time you go there.

  3. Ruth, usually the oaks go straight to brown around here too!