Friday, September 30, 2011

Taking Advantage of Some Peace and Pieces

Spent a few hours in August with a woman who knows her stuff at an amazing quilt shop in Lyndeborough, NH.  I had one bolt I loved, the red with vines, but didn't know quite where to go from there.  She went here and there all over her shop, pulling this and that, studying my pattern.  We finally had a group we were happy with, my pattern now scribbled with notes so I wouldn't forget when I started cutting, and she folded them together so beautifully it was a while before I could take them apart and get to cutting.

Pieces were cut back in August and put in baggies all labeled.  I'm not sure what's been going on, but I haven't seem to have had any peace to get piecing!!  Late yesterday I had the house to myself and no outside distractions as it was pouring.  With NPR on the radio and cats sleeping away the afternoon, I got down to business.

 I'm doing another table runner like this one.  It's amazing how different the design will look with a better contrast in materials.  And I am amazed at how peaceful this process is.

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  1. Nice! I like black/red together and the shades of red/off white you picked give it a cozy and kinda vintage look of hearth & home :) Enjoy your bits of peace & pieces!!