Friday, September 9, 2011

A Nocturnal Visitor

A week of rain brought an unusual visitor to our living room window night after night.  This is the window above the air conditioner so there is no screen.

 As tiny as he was, I still can't believe he fit between where the windows meet.  By 8 every morning, he'd scooch himself down and out.  The rain ended yesterday afternoon, and sadly he did not come back last night. 

To give you some perspective as to his size, in this picture above, looking right below the frog, there is a raised white section with a black spot.  The white piece is part of the window lock mechanism and is 1 3/4 inches long.


  1. Now that is an unusual froggy picture....
    I was so sad to read about you grandchildrens diagnosis. It is had to understand the why of these things especially when they involve children.

  2. Wow ... That IS unusual house guest .... he took nothing from you & left nothing behind ... if you hadn't seen him with your own eyes, you wouldn't have known he was there ;) SO CUTE too!