Thursday, September 15, 2011


Flowers on the kitchen window sill with the sun rising in the background

A project finally finished

I hand quilted a swirly, floral pattern on the border, never thought it could be so peaceful!  It turned out to be a great stress reliever at the end of each day.

Oh my, Peach Pie!!  A neighbor brought over peaches from their trees and my daughter made her first ever peach pie!!  None of us had ever had peach pie or ever had a desire to have peach pie but after all that work, it looked amazing, smelled wonderful, and we can't wait for her to make another one!!  Delicious!!!!

Someone very special is turning two this week!!  She had a very busy day working with her physical therapist.  She uses the box lid as a tray, sitting on the floor with her legs under it.  I think she's the picture of contentment!


  1. That peach pie looks delicious,and the little sweetheart is adorable.

  2. Sunflowers! Love 'em! Your quilting....beautiful! Very nice. I'm "sew" impressed! That pie...I can practically smell it's deliciousness. And that sweet baby....2 yrs old already?! How can that be?!

    From the looks of things here, you have learned (if not mastered!) the art of contentment. And that sweet baby has too. I can't help but wonder...who taught who? Did she learn it from you -- or did you learn it from her? :) As you are enjoying the blessings that contentment brings to light, you've inspired me to practice the art at my end today. Thank you.