Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Someone Remembered

A gloomy fog crept in near the end of August and was threatening to turn into The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919......and then an envelope arrived in the mail.....last week.......and sat in the pile of mail on the kitchen table.

  This morning while trying to shorten the pile by pulling out junk mail to throw away, I came across the envelope still unopened.  Handing it gently to the babyMomma, I encouraged her to open it.

Inside, a card "In Memory".....10 Bibles placed through Gideons International in memory of the grandbaby girl.  The grandbaby girl's birthday is Wednesday and we have been plodding along in fear and dread, suffocating with pain and emotion.

And then this simple card with it's incredibly sweet message that let us know someone else remembered.  It was a glimpse of sun breaking through the fog, molasses held at bay, and we made it through today feeling a bit lighter.  Someone else remembered a birthday that we can't celebrate....someone who is not family.....someone who should have just sent a card and probably just the card would have made us feel better, yet they gave what they don't really have to an organization to do something in memory of our sweet babygirl!  An amazing act of love and thoughtfulness and what a difference that has made!!


  1. Isn't that just like God,to prompt someone to do this and for you to open that envelope at just the right time.May you feel peace and love today.

  2. Cant seem to find any words other than thank you...to you for sharing this and to the one who gave the precious gift. <3