Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day for Lack of a More Creative Title

I don't know exactly how it happened, but I pulled out a quilt project that has been sitting for months and did more than just look at it.
 This was purchased last fall, I think.  The babyMomma chose it to be a large floor quilt for the two grandbabies, combining girl and boy prints and to cover the floor mats we put down on the rug to give them extra cushioning.  Being the Goddess of Procrastination, the project was never begun while Amber could benefit.  These past few months have been and continue to be so hard.  I'm reading through a few books that deal with grief and something struck me early last week.  Struck me?  It hit me HARD.  I need to go back through my reading to write down the source, but the GIST that smacked me out of the paralysis of grief was something about CHOOSING MISERY.   Who in their right mind chooses to be miserable?  Yes, I am still grieving and yes, there are almost constant moments that I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me, or I am suffocating.   I just want to yell as loud as I possibly can while at the same time just curling up and calling for a complete retreat from everything.  BUT....that is a choice I have, to give in to the paralysis or not.  Feeling terribly convicted, I pulled out the stack of fabrics and consulted with the babyMomma.  Yes, she wanted to keep both fabric themes, the purple and teal and owls that were for Amber, and the puppies for Charlie.
Charlie and his mom helped with the layout.  They had fun playing around with many possibilities, 
Grammy discovered just how fast and clever Charlie is in his sister's gait trainer.  I chose this corner of the living room because it was the furthest away from Charlie who was in the kitchen.  Well, I just began to lay the fabric on the mat for cutting, and he was right there, maneuvered through the kitchen and dining room, around corners and furniture  and right onto my cutting mat.  

This is the basic quilt top and borders are being worked on.  I was grateful for a rainy Labor Day weekend and a weekend of labor.
 The babyMomma went to work with her hubby for a few hours on Sunday and Monday.  Instead of going to a parade, the new home owners and my hubby did two projects on the new house (across the street!) so Charlie and I were left to work on the quilt.

Clinging to Psalm 30:5b   Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.


  1. Grieving is hard work,but rest assured,in time the happy moments will out-number the sad ones. I am happy to hear that you choose not to remain in the grief but to move on into a life that God has planned for you.Sorry,don't mean to preach,but having said good-bye to my Hubby,I do understand just a little of how grief works.May you find daily comfort in God and His word.

  2. They say time heals all wounds. Not really its be fifteen years since we lost our oldest son. Seems like yesterday....