Friday, July 30, 2010

Brain-Fried Friday

Yup, this is about how I feel today!  Utterly exhausted, upside down, deep-fried brain.  Drove into Boston late yesterday afternoon to deliver my grandbaby and her mom for a sleep study at Children's.  Traffic going INTO the city was unexpectedly and unbearably heavy!!  Decided to get a room near the hospital to make it easier.....the parking garage had to be a level in Dante's Inferno!!!  It was HOT, and dark and low.  The back door of my compact wagon could not go up completely as it was hampered by rubber coated pipes.  As I reached up to pull the door down, I expected to see rats running along the pipes.  The garage was also not very accommodating for a stroller, plenty of stair entrances to the hotel were marked but we had to wander around till we were back at the garage entrance to find a handicap accessible entrance. When we left this morning valet parking had double, triple parked in the garage so we had to wait for a valet to come move vehicles so we could leave!!!  The hotel only had one entrance that could accommodate a stroller and our room doorway was barely wide enough to fit the stroller through....on and on and on.  Needless to say, the Babymomma didn't get much sleep although the grandbaby did as she was stressed out beyond measure by a heartless technician who was determined to do his job and lost sight of the fact that he was working on a little human being and not a mannequin.  The Grandmother was a little undone being in a hotel room in the city by herself.  I kept turning on the light expecting to see bugs or mice escaping the bright light.  I was going to open my drapes to let the city lights in but my window opened onto a roof with a ladder coming over  from the next rooftop so that completely unsettled me, sending my imagination into overdrive and the curtains were left drawn tight.  We are finally home.  At least the ride out was easy, hitting all the green lights on route two!!
So, if you don't mind, I'm just going to flop down and nurse a cup of coffee.  If it were sunny out, I'd join this beast.


  1. Whew...sounds like a rough trip. Glad you're home safe and sound. Hopefully tonight you'll catch up on the sleep you missed while you were away.

  2. After such a trip I too would be "brain fried"!!!
    Glad you are safe and in the comforts of home.My kitty Paisley always stretches out like yours!

  3. Oh my! What a bummer. Its one reason why I hate most hotels and motels. The windows are blocked to keep out murderers and fresh air. And the air conditioner is often so loud as to keep you awake all nigh or you can turn it off and roast. Glad to read you finally escaped safely.