Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Tiny Terracotta Treasure

Well, she stayed for a month.  It was amazing to watch her repair her web most mornings.  To be on the other side of the window at eye level to her web workings was just incredible.  I attempted to take some video of her intricately weaving her web - three different techniques to complete it - but I cannot seem to master the focus!  The camera would focus on the trees beyond her and she ended up a big blur.  She disappeared a few times last week, apparently to the top of the door frame.  Then on Friday, she left a big bug all wrapped up in the center of her web.  Coming down Saturday morning, the above sight greeted me.  By eleven Saturday morning, she was back in the middle of her web, snacking on the bug.  Sunday she had completely repaired her web, just moved it up a smidge higher to be closer to the egg case.  Today, however, she is nowhere in sight.  Not only is she nowhere in sight, her web is completely gone!!!

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