Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweeping Away the Cobwebs.....Or Not

For a week, I had been unsuccessfully reminding myself to sweep around the front door.  The cobwebs were out of control, catching debris and just not a welcoming sight.  It greeted me every morning as the front door is at the bottom of the staircase.  July 9th, this beautiful creature had taken up residence and I have left her undisturbed.  It has been amazing to watch.  During a ridiculously hot, humid stretch I thought she was a goner.  She had been moving every day - at night she would be on the yard side of her web, and during the day she would be on the house side.  This past weekend she stayed on one side and didn't move.  Her web had massive holes and was torn and hanging in lots of places.   A dry spell with cooler temperatures has moved in for a few days and yesterday her web was amazing.  It spans two panes of my three pane side lights next to the front door and her zipper is quite long and filled in.  Lighting hasn't been sufficient to get a good shot but perhaps I'll try later.  These two shots were taken the first day we met.  Sweeping the front door is going to wait till she has moved on.


  1. Those are great shots! What an artist your new friend be able to mend so tattered & broken & make it whole AND useful AND beautiful again. Sounds like Someone Else I Know :) If you're going to let her stay, I think you should give her a name :)

  2. How neat. Those "orb" style webs are something.