Saturday, December 5, 2009


Snowy day, darkness settling in, chased away by a season of lights!...and a daily cup of cocoa with two peppermints melting in the bottom!! We've been amazingly blessed by the gift of a Christmas Tree from a family owned tree farm to thank hubby for his military service. So, while both warriors were home for Thanksgiving, we put a tree up for the first time the day after Thanksgiving! It is mostly decorated, a few final touches. This year it is a combined tree ~ my daughter and her husband's tree skirt, my tree topper! If we can keep the youngest (and biggest) cat away from the tree, we'll be lucky. This picture is last year's tree. If I can just keep focused and keep breathing through this month of so many things going on in so many layers, that will be wonderful! Seems to me we did this a few years ago...saying good-bye right after the holidays. This trip won't be as long, although I'll have a divided heart as both warriors will be heading out. I am so grateful baby momma has moved in with her hubby and my precious grandbaby!! So, instead of "5 o'clock somewhere" for us it's that 10:30 am cup of cocoa with two peppermints melting and Amber Skye to snuggle with!...breathing, resting, staying focused, and standing on God's promises.


  1. I love that you were gifted with a tree as a thank you for your husbands service. My hubby is retired Air Force. We'd also like to thank your hubby and whomever else you have serving. And I'm like you ~ love that cocoa with peppermints. Good luck with the kitties and Merry Christmas.

  2. There's nothing quite like holding a tiny baby in your arms at Christmas to help you keep your focus...

  3. My fingers are crossed we don't lose any kitties this time around!!