Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cardinals And A Sister Who Knows Me Better Than I Do

Hmmm, there seemed to be a bit of a Cardinal Theme this Christmas. A Santa from my husband to add to my collection (babymomma picked it out) and then a salt and pepper pair from my sister as well as Christmas Jammies! My sister and I had been shopping for Christmas Jammies for babymomma and her baby. I was having great difficulty deciding which pink set to go with for babymomma but instantly picked out this pair as ones I would choose for myself. My amazing sister had already purchased those for me a few days before our shopping excursion! She is indeed a treasured gift.


  1. That's funny... I got a Christmas card with a sort-of cardinal theme and I loved it! I actually left it out to show my parents when they come visit this weekend.

    Bolts of flannel.... I loved it! The old dusty books do look like bolts of cozy flannels.

  2. I really admire your relationship w/ your sister. I just think that what you share is SO special ... & rare! :)