Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I drove by my family home one last time today.  A dear friend showed up and encouraged me to walk through the house as a final goodbye.  I wanted so badly for my daughter and grandbabygirl to walk through as well but I'm not sure my daughter can handle the pain of another goodbye.  The closing on the house is tomorrow.  
This is a beautiful blue hydrangea, a Mother's Day gift from my daughter to my mother.  I didn't dig it up but I captured a picture and cut two blossoms one for me and one for my girl.   How I miss my mom...and now a home that will live on providing years of memories for a new family. 


  1. Good-byes are never easy.I trust that the memories you cherish will live on forever in your heart.

  2. Beautiful hydrangea indeed. I have to add acid to the soil to get that blue. It's a bother but well worth it in the end. Saying goodbye to people, pets and home is always so hard....