Wednesday, April 8, 2015

52 Ancestors Challenge ~ Week 14

Thinking of Alfred Whittemore this week.  He was born April 9, 1830 and died April 12, 1903.  He was the youngest of 6 brothers and a few sisters.  This is a picture of the 6 brothers, Alfred is back row on the left.

 He buried 3 wives.  The first died shortly after childbirth with their son.  I believe he had one daughter from his second marriage who lived to marry and have at least one child of her own.  He had 6 or 7 children with his 3rd wife.  Two of the girls lived into their 20's, and one daughter and son lived full lives.  He moved from Foxboro, Massachusetts into Charlestown and Malden Massachusetts.  He was a candy salesman for Schraffts and ran a bakery.  He was also a deacon in Maplewood Baptist Church when it was established in the late 1800's.
This is a picture in front of his bakery in Malden.  His daughter, Mabel, is beside him with Carl, the baker, beside her.  I think Mabel is about 15 in this picture.  She is my Great Grandmother!   She will be the topic for another post.  Her dad, I am told, had auburn red hair.  Mabel had two daughters, one having his color red hair.  She was my grandmother.  Alfred died when my grandmother was 5 years old, but my mother always tells the tale that Alfred was tickled that she had his color hair.Alfred is buried in Foxboro, with his parents and sisters and some of his brothers.  There was a stone with Alfred and his wives and children all listed on it, but I am not sure it is still standing.   I wish there were more pictures of him but I am grateful for these two.

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