Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Busy Birdbath

Cleaned out birdbaths and filled with fresh water.  We've only recently come home and returned to some semblance of order.  Birdbaths were pretty much non stop yesterday.  Pictures are a tad fuzzy, taken from inside through a screened window...and a bit of sheer curtain.
 Crazy Tree Sparrow decided to have a dust bath after the birdbath.
 American Robin just wanted a drink.

 I'm not sure of the ID for the bird on the right.  The Mourning Dove wanted the deeper end of the birdbath but whatever this bird was, it was not going to move.  Later in the morning, I spotted the Mourning Dove just sitting in a second birdbath having a good soak.

 Female Northern Flicker
 Eastern Bluebird....I can't remember if this was the male or female....hard to tell with my camera grabbing so much of the screen and the bird was drenched!  The pair took turns for a good thirty minutes.


  1. Looks like the 'pool' was the place to be. I enjoy watching birds at the bird baths.

  2. What fun. The bird bath that is. And oh you just reminded I forgot to clean out and freshen up mine this week though we've had a lot of rain....:)