Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Sighting

Hubby spotted motion in the trees while having his coffee this morning.  This was a first for the two of us!
 A pair of Wood Ducks were in an oak tree right outside the house.  I ran for the camera, they flew.  The male landed on top of a ten foot tall pine tree stump.  A great spot for a cavity nester.
 The red squirrels play King of the Mountain on this stump and this squirrel came up the side once to sneak a peak at what was on top of his stump.  The second time he came up the duck flew off and the squirrel claimed the top spot.
 I was able to spot the male before he flew again.


  1. I do hope the ducks will nest somewhere where you can watch them. That would be so cool.

  2. Neat. Hope they move in for you. No luck with my wood duck house in the wood though one year a screech owl moved in...;)