Saturday, January 18, 2014

View Through the Window

For these pictures, it was sound that caused me to stop and look.  Opening windows on a mild January afternoon, the cacophony of squirrels in treetops shouting their screeching, grating alarm was deafening.  If it were a hawk, all would have been quiet so I looked downward and at the edge of the scrubby woods caught movement.  Small dog? Small deer?  Grabbed my camera and set my sights on a Bobcat!!  I did hear a high and full sound, almost a "whoop"  that I'm thinking might have been the bobcat.  Then it settled in under this tree just over the stonewall into the neighbor's woods and dug and dug, and found something to eat....with a tail.  I think this picture, if zoomed in, shows a bit of its tongue.

 This morning coming into the kitchen to turn on the coffee, I caught movement at treeline yet again.  This movement was a vertical drop and ascent.  My guess was bluebirds but they were too far away to see any blue.  These two shots were taken with my zoom but cropped and cropped again!!  I did spot two females and three males.  Only two males made it into these shots. 


  1. Wow! From Bobcat to Bluebirds! Quite a range of activity.

  2. Wow! A Bobcat! Sure could have fooled me having never seen one close up! I thought as I zoomed in it was a house cat! gulp!
    Would they prey on a domestic cat? I must google this.
    Law of Nature I suppose, the wild ones need nourishment in winter however they can get it.

  3. Oh my. How I wish. I've never seen one as they are so stealthy. Lucky you!