Friday, November 29, 2013


An idea that came to me over the summer, made a call around the time of Amber's birthday, and this morning on a cold, crisp blue sky November morning....the day after Thanksgiving....the fellow arrived from Leominster Monument Company and proceeded to etch a permanent-ish remembrance into "Strawberry."  Strawberry is a big rock that was excavated from our front yard to make way for a screened in porch the summer the babyMomma was born.  As she and her brother grew, they would play hide and seek around it and hone their jumping and climbing skills.  It was a big deal to get on top of Strawberry without any help!  When we moved out of the trailer and built this house, Strawberry was moved to this small garden area in front of our house.  We've taken pictures of Amber and Charlie on this rock.  I was looking for a more natural look, but we went with black inside the letters as the rock is not as hard as granite and he couldn't go too deep.  Hopefully this will remain for a very long time.....and will motivate hubby and I to reclaim and recreate the garden around it.


  1. This is not a good time for me to comment since I'm new here and don't know the details. But--you came to my blog so I just wanted to stop by and say THANKS… Hope you come back. Obviously you have lost a child which was very very very dear to you. I love your memorial to Amber. That is AWESOME… God Bless…


  2. A permanent reminder for as long as we live. The picture on my eldest sons tombstone is already fading though my memories have not. Still a large rock should do the job.....

  3. What a thoughtful/special place ... a memorial w/ so many memories inherent in it - and given the size of the stone (really big) ... well - I imagine Strawberry is practically perfect in proportion to the gaping hole li'l Amber left in your heart. <3

  4. I love this...looking forward to seeing it in person very soon. As soon as I saw what you had done, I envisioned beautiful flowers growing around the stone and butterflies resting beside Ambers name. LOVE your special memory stone....