Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Bright and Giddy Star

Whew!  Only four months to work up the courage to cut into this intense stack of fabric....

or maybe to just carve out a few hours of quiet to focus.  I think I spent an hour rearranging to get a good mix of the colors in each ray of the star.

  How long now before I find the time and quiet to begin to sew?....and rip out and sew again??


  1. So pretty - colorful - bold & fun! : )

  2. The time will come and things will be better....

  3. I'll trade can come here with your sewing machine and enjoy the quiet, and I will go there and be Gramma and Skyes helper. If only it were that simple! Missin those sweet chubby cheeks...give extra love and Grammy kisses for me!

  4. A great craft to pass the winter hours. Sort of blooming in winter!Keep going!