Friday, May 25, 2012


It's that time of year when the turtles  make their way up the steep hill from the swamp to find prime egg laying spots.  For the past eight years, I'd say, we've only seen Eastern Painted Turtles.  Yesterday afternoon, we had a fairly good sized Snapping Turtle.  The Courageous and Very Curious Babymomma had to go check it out.  I missed the shot of her running back to the house as it turned quickly to check her out!  Last week I had captured a Very Curious Gray Squirrel checking out an Eastern Painted Turtle.  

I don't know if it successfully found a good spot to lay eggs.  Many years ago, come September, we would have cars stopping as dozens of tiny snappers were crossing the road.  I think the Snappers continue up the hill across from us to lay their eggs.  Quite the trek.

I'm always amazed at how high they raise themselves up to walk and how quickly they can move!

The Eastern Painted Turtles decide my yard is good enough, often at the edge of the driveway or in the gardens.  I wish I knew more about them, especially how long from laying to hatching.  Often in July we'll spot broken eggs withering on the surface of the grass.  Not sure if something dug them up or if they've hatched already.  Last spring when we were working in some flower beds we found tiny empty turtle shells.  This April we found quite a few tiny turtles in our driveway. So I'm not exactly sure when they hatch or how long it takes them from hatching to get to the swamp.


  1. Birds & bears & now turtles - OH MY! :) What great glimpses from your "Wide Eyed Window." What fun it must be to see all these creatures from your vantage point! :) Seeing those baby turtles in your driveway must've been a thrill!

  2. Fond memories there. Our sons used to catch them along the gravel road in the spring and put them in our pond....:)