Monday, May 14, 2012

Honey, I've Got to Go!

Not my proudest moment, this morning.  My hubby is overseas on business and called!  There was a sandstorm and he was going to be stuck for the night in a remote location...."at least I brought a blanket and some snacks."  The phone call was more than touching base, it was a way to kill time.  As we're talking, I'm walking and something just catches my eye.  Still talking, I'm looking everywhere for my binoculars.  There is a bird but it is in the shadows of the leaves and I am seeing only a hint at color.  Can't find the binoculars anywhere, so I am doing my best multi-tasking; talking, looking for my camera, keeping my eye on the bird. It suddenly darts out of the shadows and onto the bird feeder and I catch that gorgeous shade of blue.  "HONEY, I'VE GOT TO GO!  THERE'S AN INDIGO BUNTING ON THE FEEDER!!" 


  1. LOL! That's too funny! WOW tho'! That is so neat. You do know your birds! I woulda had to look that up. Those last two pics are impressive!

  2. Okay, at least you got some pictures. Made it back to base today. Pretty funny cause as you said an Indigo Bunting I did say good-bye

    Great Pics!!

  3. Multi tasking for sure. Coincidently I've had one of these rare (for us) blue beauties at my feeder off and on for about a week..... :)

  4. Oh my word! Gorgeous bird..Ive never seen one!
    Multi tasing only women know how to! wink wink.
    Thank you for your comforting comment re: my is on the 29th..crossing paws for all to go as expected. love and light Anna xo