Friday, March 23, 2012

Too Busy!

Grand baby seems to be on the road to recovery.  Whew!  God is merciful, stretching me and reminding me of His lovingkindness just when I need it most.   The Babymomma had wrist surgery so we've brought in reinforcements ~ the Other Grammy!!!  What a blessing she brings with her gentle and quiet spirit,.....and meals,.....and sense of fun.  I get caught up in the business of living - laundry, washing syringes and delivering medication and trying to make sure babymomma is taking care of herself.  The Other Grammy makes sure babymomma is getting time to visit with her babies while she can't lift and hold them by herself, taking pictures to document some sweet and special moments and just wrapping a blanket of calm where it is needed most.  She's also taking overnight duty....round the clock duty....for our almost 3 month old grandson!!

I'm blessed to have friends who have popped in just at the right moment, to lend a pair of hands and to bless us with groceries!!!

I'm sad to have missed spring arriving on the swamp (80 degree weather isn't EXACTLY spring)....maybe I need to ask one of the local wildlife to take my camera back down for me!

So, a few pictures of recent spring visitors from inside looking out....


  1. "wrapped in a blanket of calm" Praise the Lord! So pleased to hear that everyone is being taken care of and baby feels better! Prayers to you all! xo Anna