Friday, March 9, 2012


Well, I'm not sure that's the best title....but 
this device has liberated my mom from a prison of silence!  I cannot remember the last time I spoke with my mom on the telephone.  For years I could just pick up the phone, or she could, and we could speak every day. My husband laughed because there were only two times a year when we would have any long-distance calls and that would be when my folks were in Florida for the winter or two months in the summer in New Hampshire.  I think it has been at least ten years or so that we have not been able to just pick up the phone and chat.  My sister and I, and my mom's sisters, have to go through my dad and that is just not the same thing.  My mom, on the other hand, has only been able to communicate face to face.  If she can see your lips, she can "hear" you.  She did finally get hearing aids a year ago, but they seem to only cause her frustration, making background noises louder and not making voices very clear.  Even with hearing aids, she still needs to read lips since it has been so long.  With this captel phone, a gift from my sister, she has to read our side of the conversation.  I spoke with my mom twice yesterday on the phone!!  It is not perfect either, but prompts a lot of laughter at the mistakes the captioning service makes!  And we have to get used to the delay, while our side of the conversation is transcribed and she reads it.  But to HEAR my mom's voice on the other end of the phone????  PRICELESS!!!!!

**I know, in this day of email and skype it seems incomprehensible that we have not figured out a way to communicate with mom before this.  My folks are very old school and their home is not wired or wireless.  Snail mail and phone calls are the way it is.  Her first call with my sister on Monday night, she announced that she was now texting!


  1. That's awesome! So happy for you/her. What a precious/priceless/beautiful gift.

  2. liberated indeed. Looking back, how I wish this technology had been available before my mom got Alzheimers.