Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to my One and Only

 I'm so sorry you have a cold for your birthday and that you forgot your coffee and that I'm not a party person....you deserve a big old celebration!!  Three birthdays you've been far, far away from us and last year we were just with my parents....having an "early-bird" dinner in Florida...how fitting for hitting mid-century!!  Now you are home and we have medically fragile grandchildren not to mention all the equipment both baby and medical .....but I want you to know what a treasure you are to me.
  When you bring me flowers just because they were pretty, and you didn't even look at the price tag.  I am no fun and all business and you, with the gruff exterior, are such a romantic.  I'm stuck in ruts and routines and practicality and you go to the heart of the matter with so much heart.

I know someone else who is just completely smitten with you as well.  I am so very glad I met you 30 years ago!  Happy Birthday!!


  1. You seem to get to the heart of things too albeit in your own time and way. ... this post is a lovely piece of heARTwork if you ask me :)

    Please extend a hearty "Happy Birthday!" from us to him as well.

  2. Awwwwwww...so very sweet! And I especially enjoyed the pictures..I see Charlie with his eyes actually open!!! Happy Birthday Vin...you are a great Grampy!!!

  3. Oh Warrior Mom....Your photos are beautiful, and what a story they tell!

  4. What a beautiful heartfelt way to pay tribute to your sweeties B.Day! sigh
    Thank you for taking time to read and leave a comforting comment on my post re: Kea. xo