Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Already??

I'm not exactly sure what happened to November.  My young warrior came home after 3 months overseas, so I was bustling around trying to set up a cozier guest bedroom than he had here a year ago.  He ends up in the "Music Room."  Sounds great, but after merging two households and then acquiring more and more medical supplies for the grandbaby, the room has become a very large storage closet!  It now has full length curtains that are actually hanging from decorative curtain rods!  Unfortunately, he still has to sleep on an air mattress on the floor....I'll have three months till he gets to come home again so I'll have to hunt down some sort of bed.  A murphy bed would be awesome except the best wall would be the wall the piano occupies, so we'll have to rethink that.  With another grandbaby on the way, I need a decent guest bedroom so the babies' other grammy can come visit!

My granddaughter had been enjoying a long stretch of good health.  With two adults in the kitchen (one for her, one to cook), she would sometimes even help with the baking. She had begun really moving around on the floor and had started going forward a little bit in her fancy walker!  We were enjoying "dancing" to Christmas music while making supper in the late afternoons.  Thanksgiving morning she began to be sick and by Sunday calls were made to her Palliative Care Team and Hospice.  A lot of tears these last few days and just inability to do much of anything other than pray and try to support the babyMomma!  A very tough week for young warrior to be home as we can't really do a whole lot.  He's been amazing, though, and has hired a friend of his to finish and do several home improvement projects that have been sadly neglected.

God's timing is amazing as a new day nurse began Monday and walked into the front lines of a battle for Amber.  She has been amazing and has advocated for new equipment, made calls to doctors and pharmacies and suppliers, and does everything with such confidence but with a great deal of respect for the babyMomma.  We are so glad she came when she did and that she had been out once before on a different visit to see Amber healthy so she could really understand just how sick Pale Peanut has been this week.  We would still covet prayers for a full recovery and safe arrival of her baby brother.....due mid-January but probably/possibly earlier than that. 

In the midst of all this, we are trying to lift spirits and each day add a little more Christmas.  Lights went up last night, just a few white twinklies outside on two bushes and a blanket of lights on a big rock; and candles in the windows.  Christmas dishes came out the day after Thanksgiving.  These were a gift to the babyMomma last year.  They just make us smile.


  1. My prayers are with you and the family. This surely is a difficult time.

  2. Praying for the baby. My daughter mentioned something about her being sick - but I guess I didn't realize just how sick. Thank you for the update. Praying ... and then praying some more.

    Clever idea (the decorative curtains) in the guest room. kind & thoughtful of your young warrior! I didn't realize he was home! :)

    Those dishes are too cute :) So fun/festive.

  3. Smiling..especially about the guest bedroom part, which I would be glad to occupy so I could snuggle the 2 most adorable children in the world. We have seen your ultra-sounds baby boy Amick..and we know you are just as adorable and irresistible s your sister!!
    Thank you for your post Jodi..your words, the pic of Amber, and for all you do to love on our family!

  4. Praying that all will be well. It's hard anytime but involving a child the heart cries...