Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flashback Friday...Even Though it's Saturday

Sixth or seventh grade??  This is how I spent most of my time....deeply engrossed in a book.  I remember making the macrame belt in Vacation Bible School!  The big blue suburban in the background was not ours, but close friends who came to visit....and I was apparently being my typical antisocial self and trying to remain a tree that had no leaves.  Short leaves.....early spring?  No date on the picture to help me out.  I loved that book, did not want to stop reading it.


  1. Whatta fun post. Any chance Friday Flashback will become a regular feature?! And - Look how loooong your hair was :)

  2. Thanks, MyStory. I'm hoping it will! I just need to be a bit more disciplined! My hair was below my belt or thereabouts until 8th grade. I cut it to make a dramatic change going into high school.

  3. How sweet. I loved the paddling being an old canoeist myself.... and birder. :)