Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

Twenty-two years ago this past week I was given the most amazing gift and responsibility, a precious baby girl.  Exuberant, dramatic, gifted and talented in arts and music and writing, and a sense of humor that her mom seriously lacks, she continues to amaze and impress me.  
Her name was one my mom had tossed around when she was having children but didn't use. (Schuyler, from a Grace Livingston Hill novel)  When I looked it up 22 years ago, it meant fortress or stronghold.   She was a very strong-willed child, fiercely independent.  As she raises her own family now and faces a different journey than many young moms, I think her name is more fitting now than ever.
Happy Birthday!

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  1. You gave a beautiful name...and she has grown into it beautifully. Please extend happy b-day wishes from here to her.