Thursday, December 2, 2010

What happened to November??

Well, I realized I can't knit very well on circular needles.  No tension and the stocking ended up ridiculously large and baggy!!!  The foot is great - that's on double pointed needles and nice and snug....although I goofed and didn't start the red for the heel till it was almost too late!  I have been pulling out the quilt some evenings to hand quilt a block or two.  I'm in no rush to finish it at this point.  Other than that, I've been trying to fill in for the baby momma who injured her shoulder and so I'm exhausted....


  1. I think your stocking looks great! I wouldn't have noticed the mistakes if you hadn't pointed them out :)

    And that pic of you and the very sweet. I hope the babymomma is better real soon.

    I like the new cozy Christmas banner here too :)

  2. I agree,I thought this looked fantastic.I love the picture with you and that precious little girl.

  3. I like the cat eye checking on what is going on. A little more time and I can give you a spell watching peanut. I am pretty sure I will have no problem watching as you have in the picture.