Friday, October 29, 2010

Falling to Pieces

 I haven't quite finished the Christmas Stocking, but I couldn't resist playing around with a pattern I found in a quilt magazine using leftovers from a small quilt momma Skye is making for her daughter.  These tiny stars are adorable and supposedly easy....mine are FAR from perfect, but I have a lot of tiny pieces cut and will continue to practice when I have some spare moments.


  1. Definitely keep practicing! You're on to something ReAlLy good! - Your first pieces might not be perfect ... but the title for this post is. Love it :) God does wonders w/ imperfection too ... My daughter & I were walking in the park the other day kinda keeping our eyes open for a perfect leaf but to no avial - yet the incredible beauty we found ourselves in amidst all that imperfection was stunning!

    Isaiah 6:3

  2. MyStory ~ perfectionists definitely need to reminded of God's wondrous work with imperfection!

    Courtney ~ we need some extra doses of cheerful around here!

  3. The orange reds just glow. Perfectly warm for a blanket. :)