Thursday, April 1, 2010

Peepers! Sunshine ~ Finally ~ and Frisky Business

Several days of rain, birds are back in business. I have not made it down to the swamp to check on the turf wars, but I have been intrigued by a hawk flying back and forth for several days before the rain. This morning I spotted it again, but the color was different - not as much red, more white and brown. It flies from one edge of our property to the other, and back. I grabbed my binoculars and thought I saw something in its talons, but it was just out of clear range. A few moments later, movement caught my eye, so I tried for another look. With my naked eye I could see the red hawk with a large bird in it's talons....or so I thought. With my binoculars, I could see that the brown and white hawk is apparently the female...and the red chested and slightly smaller hawk is the male. I did not have time to attempt a picture of that activity, but the female stayed put for quite a while afterwards. Once again, I apologize for my camera. You can click to make the pictures larger. I cropped them as best I could without losing too much resolution.

And peepers are here! As I got out of the car from Cantata rehearsal, I was met with the sound of peepers! The grass is greening up, the American Goldfinches are brightening up, and the peepers are peeping. Ah,...spring.

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  1. aaahhh... sounds like those two (hawks) were twitterpated if you ask me.... a sure sign of Spring.

    I sweetalked my hubby into getting a nice bird feeder the other night. Filled it up yesterday w/ seed - as birds were chirping & I'm sure they must be hungry after the long winter. Can't wait to meet the guests who decide to stop over for a bite to eat now & then!