Friday, April 9, 2010

New Construction

Seems to be some new construction down at the swamp. Early evening Easter Sunday I was checking on the swamp. The two Heron nests at the far end are occupied. You should be able to click on the pictures for a larger view to see the nests with GBH in them. A pair of Canadian Geese won the turf war and the nest on the rock is now occupied.
I'm hopeful for a successful hatch but not optimistic. The past two years have yielded nothing. The biggest surprise down the swamp is a new Heron nest under construction. I did not have a camera with me on Sunday but I watched as two Great Blue Heron stood in a naked tree in the middle of the swamp. I watched as it took 45 minutes to place one stick. So, when I left Sunday, there were maybe two sticks that had been worked into the tree branch. This was the scene Thursday morning.


  1. wow those are awesome pictures of the heron's in there nest! I love that you can see their skinny legs.
    Looks like your blog is under some new construction too, looks good!

  2. I love the sustainable nature of the construction pictured here :)