Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unexpected Blessings

Who would think that attending baby showers for two young women would result in special blessings for me??? August ended with a baby shower for a young woman who has an indomitable spirit of JOY! At her shower, a dear woman in our church family shared a devotional ~ with a teddy bear theme, the devotional was on momma bears,....I think this devotional was like three in one - so incredibly packed and as each segment ended my cup was full yet she brought another segment and then another. I wanted to stand up and cheer, feeling so renewed as a mom and so encouraged as a mom....wish someone had taped it. The second shower in mid-September was for my daughter. Yes, I am always touched when I see love poured out by just the attendance of some people, never mind the gifts. Well, imagine my amazement when I was the recipient of two gifts ~ a grammy brag book-photo album from my dear sister, and books for my grammy shelf from a dear friend! Thank you!! And yet another incredible blessing, from a midwife ~ who purchased a special car seat and gave it to my daughter and son-in-law, greatly encouraging them on a day that had started with tears...and for two special women who brought in meals even though the new parents are living with me!.....reminds me of this ...

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  1. Something tells me there some truth in "What goes around comes around" :)

    I'm looking .... forward to how Baby's own story unfolds. I wonder if/how she'll be inspired by the stories above as she explores the world & figures out how to make it a better place in her own personal & creative ways. W/ those long she'll do it w/ music like her Grammy & momma?! Or - mb she inherited her momma's creative genes - & if that's the case...well then the possibilities are endless! :)