Friday, October 16, 2009

The Rock

A favorite poem by David McCord:
This is my rock,
And here I run
To steal the secret of the sun;

This is my rock,
And here come I
Before the night has swept the sky,

This is my rock,
This is the place
I meet the evening face to face.

Reminds me of a favorite song/chorus that I can only remember a piece of but it is the PEACE in the song that permeates my spirit and reminds me of My Rock..."Jesus, I am resting, resting" I don't know why I can never seem to remember the rest but that is enough for me.

My favorite birthday present~ a rock my son in his mid teens brought all the way up a steep hill from the edge of the swamp. When my children were very young, I would take them on swamp walks following an old stone wall on the edge of our property, down the hill steeply till it disappeared into the swamp/beaver pond. The last rock before it became submerged was a distinct white rock, I always raved about it because it was so unique from the gray stones that made up the rest. One birthday, my son decided to give me that rock for my present, asked his dad to help and they pried it away from the rest and rolled it up the hill to put in my garden. Funny how a rock can melt your heart...and remind you to rest.


  1. That is touching, moving, humbling. I love that story...

    How thoughtful and how creative. And most importantly, how much he must love you! Those walks with you must have been so special for him, too :)

  2. I followed a rambling trail of blogs to your blog today and was really blessed.
    The cool thing is that I LOVE rocks :o). My nieces and nephews are often finding me rocks for my "rock" garden.
    I'd never read that poem, either, by David McCord - a treasure. Thanks for your post. I'll definitely be back.

  3. Happy Birthday...;)
    What a great poet!
    And you are one of my favorite rocks in the rock garden of my life <3

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your wishes. That's a lovely poem. I rediscovered poetry in blogland.
    Thanks again.

  5. Psalm 62:6-8

    Belated Birthday Blessings!

  6. A lovely story that your shared. I love rocks too have a painted rock that my own son gave me 39 yrs ago..he painted a lady bug on it because he knew that I love lady bugs. It's the small things that mean so much!