Sunday, July 19, 2015

View Around the Yard

 Parent has landed just below the nest and the babes are crowding to the front of the nest.
 If you enlarge this one a bit more, you can see beak to beak feeding.  The parent is well hidden by the leaves, but you can see a beak and something stuffed into baby's beak.
 I think I count four hungry beaks in this shot.
You can just make out the adult bird behind the leaves.  This nest needed a fancy nest cam attached to a branch above it, somehow!
First groundhog I've seen in our yard.  Munching away on clover about 7 this morning.  When I walked past the window to get a second cup of coffee, I thought this was a huge squirrel!  In my sister's yard, they are mostly light brown.  This one had a lot of gray and white streaking.  I'm grateful for some activity in my yard.  My butterfly bushes are not doing well at all, so I'll have to be content with the sparrows.


  1. Cute pictures. Raising a nest full of babies must be a never ending job for th parent birds.

  2. Small world I guess. We had our first groundhog in our yard this summer after over forty years living here. I think the family has moved in under our neighbors garage...:)

    1. First one in 29 years living on this property!