Monday, May 18, 2015

It Happened Again

I am not sure exactly when it happened. I arrived home to this scene Thursday mid-morning. I haven't been filling the main bird feeder since early April but I have kept the thistle feeder going.    I thought with all the dogs in the neighborhood we'd certainly be spared.  I guess I needed to bring the feeders in.  At least the intruder left the thistle feeder instead of carrying it off a distance, although the shepherd hook with the main feeder took a hit.  Some people insist that the feeders need to come in at night.  That hasn't made a difference in the past.                                                                                              
This picture is from May 22, 2012.  My daughter and her daughter's nurse spotted this fellow coming into the yard and taking the bird feeder over the stone wall and then sitting there eating the seed in the early afternoon!  At least this time my bird feeders remained unscathed.


  1. Yikes! With that kind of intruder,I would think twice before venturing out.

  2. For us it's raccoons & deer in the bears around here though...:)