Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Blustery Day

It has been snowing and blowing since sometime Monday evening.  I think it tapered off mostly around early evening before it got too dark.

 Snow totals are near impossible to tell because of the winds but seems like 30 inches.  In some spots it is very shallow and in other spots drifts waist high!  With a driving ban it has been very quiet other than plows.  My son-in-law was able to get his snowblower attachment to his tractor working and so with two manning shovels and he on his tractor, the first clean out was accomplished in short time around noon.  Tomorrow will bring more clean up.

 Bird feeders were madly busy!  Usually the birds take cover in the bushes near the house, but  the bushes were well covered in snow so I'm not really sure where they were coming and going from.

Hubby's place of work is closed again tomorrow so an unexpected weekend in the middle of the week!  My sister and her husband are heading south by the end of the week.  sigh......

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  1. Blustery indeed. We fled south for a month but then returned. No matter there is as they say "no place like home...:)