Sunday, December 30, 2012

Belatedly Christmas

A poem I came across again, from a favorite poet, David McCord.  I should have pictures with this, but I don't at the moment.  I just love the poem and had to put it down.


You see this Christmas tree all silver gold?
it stood out many winters in the cold,

with tinsel sometimes made of crystal ice,
say once a winter morning - maybe twice.

More often it was trimmed by fallen snow
so heavy that the branches bent, with no

one anywhere to see how wondrous
is the hand of God in that white world of his.

And if you think it lonely through the night
when Christmas trees in houses take the light,

remember how his hand put up one star 
in this same sky so long ago afar.

All stars are hung so every Christmas tree
has one above it.  Let's go out and see.