Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quite the Week...But It's Only Wednesday!

Quite the week and quite the show going on around here.  We seem to have been having more than our share of gloomy, wet and cold but for a moment Monday morning the sky was glorious and I do mean the whole sky!!  I almost missed it but looked up in time to just drop my jaw and run from window to window.  This was a sunrise that spanned the sky, it lit up my WEST facing front yard as if someone turned a spot light on!  The colors went from pink to pumpkin and eventually gray but it was just SPECTACULAR!!  I managed to snap a picture out one window, but it doesn't quite do it justice.
Tuesday was my birthday and I "felt the earth move under my feet."  A 4.0 earthquake in Maine that only lasted for a few seconds was felt throughout much of New England.  My husband and I were eating at a Rainforest Cafe and didn't think it was part of the special effects but thought maybe there was a hidden hallway behind us behind the wall and they were moving something really big and heavy.  Moments later a text message from our daughter informed us of the earthquake.  She told us our house actually shook as though a really strong wind was blowing.  I've had snow on my birthday before, but this is a first!  My hubby gets points for wishing me a happy 6th birthday and my daughter outdid herself with two very special handmade cards ~ one hand painted birch trees and the other my grandbabies' hand tracings!!
Wednesday began in Boston at a hotel near the airport with hubby catching a shuttle to the airport at 4 am.  I tried to catch a little more sleep and ventured out into traffic by 8.  It was a beautiful ride home!  I am always amazed when I work myself up into a tizzy, worried about traffic and finding my way, it seems as though the sky could not be bluer, the way more clear, traffic tolerable, and the show of foliage all the way home was just gorgeous.  The rest of the day was just full, with a funeral for a dear woman in her 90's who loved and served her Lord and Savior, then running some errands for my parents and finally settling in at home to hear from my husband that it's 75 degrees and his hotel room overlooks the bay in San Diego.


  1. It must have been a special birthday,if even the earth shook.:) Belated Happy Birthday.

  2. Scary though. Fortunately the last noticeable earthquake felt in Minnesota was when Thomas Jefferson was President. The Mississippi did run backwards for a while though....