Monday, August 13, 2012

Music for a Monday

Music for a Monday.....

This hymn has been swirling through me this morning.  I think it is the response of my soul to times of transition.  No transition for me other than an empty house while the Babymomma and her babes are visiting the other Grammy.  I guess I am feeling a dear friend's angst as her youngest heads to college.....and I think I am probably tuned in to my young warrior as he packs up for a big transition ~ a temporary leave or not being able to return? I'm not certain, but in between is an adventure in Africa, then packing up his stateside residence and relocating.  I am proud of him and so glad he is free enough to be able to pick up and move and stretch and grow but I also know that there is a piece of him that is churning and anxious and wondering if it will all work.  For both of these precious ones, I am praying that they would feel a blanket of peace over these next few days especially.


  1. This is a beautiful song and one that gives peace.

  2. Beautiful song and wishing you and yours well in all things...:)