Monday, July 18, 2011

Seen in the Swamp

It is hot and relatively quiet in the swamp these days.  A lone GBH fishing/frogging at the far end.  Too hot for the turtles to be out on the logs but not for frogs on lily pads.  I didn't even realize how much company I had until I was ready to leave and spooked a couple nearby then realized there were a couple dozen, various sizes, just the tops of their heads and eyes barely visible, blending in with all the green.

Eastern Kingbird nest is empty but it was fun to spot the fledglings zipping around, scrambling for the same branches, following mom and dad around to be fed.

Wood Duck families down the far end of the swamp, very difficult to spot among all the vegetation that now covers the surface of the pond.

Catbirds and chickadees were noisy but swallows and red-winged blackbirds all quiet.

Hummers!  A female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird was feasting on insects caught in spider webs strung out above the tops of the cat-tails.  I definitely needed the binoculars to see what she was doing as the spider webs were not visible to the naked eye.  No picture.
Just another view of how green it is.  The row boat has to just sit and wait for next March!

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  1. That looks very green,but I can almost feel the heat.Oh,wait a minute,it is hot here and that is what I am feeling. LOL