Tuesday, January 18, 2011

View Through The Window

Finally, a snowy day WITHOUT wind!!!  An even dozen Cedar Waxwings spent the morning hours perched above the yard, taking turns in the holly bush.
 I need to plant another holly in the yard, but definitely outside a window for prime viewing.  Robins are not very frequent visitors this time of year, but the holly berries were too good to pass up.

I was able to catch this junco finally getting a moment in the bush.  I missed the best color shot of a Blue Jay with the Robin, but what a treat to watch the Waxwings!


  1. Waxwings are such beautiful,silky looking birds.Looks like you have large amounts of snow as well.

  2. Nice pics! I think Waxwings look like they would/should glow in the dark...as if they swallowed yellow glow sticks :)

  3. A dozen that's a lot. We used to have them here but not any more. There gone along with the red headed woodpeckers. I don't know why.